Private boxing sessions $25 each or if you pay in advance 5sessions for $100.

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About Too Good

My name is Mike β€œToo Good” Wood and this is my story. Growing up I was an all around athlete and my first love was like most lil boys playing baseball with dreams of making it to the Big leagues. I started playing when I was 4yrs old and went on to eventually play for a select team and travel the country through my early high school years. In this time period I began playing many other sports soccer, basketball, and karate. After about 31/2 years of taking shotokan karate and reaching my 3rd brown belt (1st kyu) a family friend invited me to come down to the boxing gym with him so I decided to check it out. For years I would win the golden gloves tournament (7x total) and then quit to play all my other sports. Finally after my sophomore season of baseball where I had one of my best seasons I decused it was time to get serious and dedicate myself to one sport. My thought process was even tho I love baseball and I’m pretty good at it, every boy in America grows up wanting to be a pro baseball player and not that many think I want to be a professional boxer. This was the right choice  for me because boxing has played a huge roll in my life. Turning pro two weeks after my 20th birthday I was able to achieve a lot in short time period. I won a North American light heavyweight title, fought on tv a few times, fought and headlined at some huge venues. At 25 years of age I lost motivation and got fat and lazy and basically retired then received a call with a good opportunity for all 4 major North American titles that would’ve put me in the top 5 in the world. Needless to say I wasn’t prepared and had to drop from 219lbs to 171lbs in 5weeks and went  out there and looked terrible. After this fight I decided that was enough and still to this day 12yrs later I still get offers to make a comeback. About 4years into my retirement I started going to a different church, Have Bible Will travel, in St. Louis, MO and this is where my coaching career began. After going to the church for about a month or so Pastor Pat Rankin approaches me and said I heard you’re an ex pro boxer how would u feel about starting a boxing and exercise ministry here at the church? I responded you know we hit each other in boxing, do u think that’s very church like? Pastor says I think it would reach out to a lot of young adults and teenagers to get them in the door. This ministry has surpassed all of our initial goals. We some have around 30+ppl in the gym training at a time. After we seen the growth in the ministry we decided to start putting on amateur boxing events at the church and we will usually bring in 500+ spectator, a lot of which u wouldn’t typically find at a church. Although the boxing ministry has helped and blessed many people I feel it has blessed me even more. Within a month of donating my time at the church, Eagle gym contacted me and wanted me to come in and start doing private boxing sessions  so now I run Too Good Boxing out of the front of Eagle gym as well. God continues to bless me, I donate my time 3days a week  and now I get paid to do something I love and travel the world  my fighters. This is where I’m at in my life/career but stay tuned there is plenty more to come. πŸ₯Š