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Too Good Boxing

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     Mike "Too Good" Wood  

Fight    Mike Wood started boxing at the young age of 12. When he started out, he never had any intentions of making a career out of it. Mike was always athletic and actually had the same dream as every young American boy of being a pro baseball player when he grew up. Along with boxing, Mike also played baseball, soccer, basketball, and practiced Shotokan karate. After many years of winning the golden gloves tournament in boxing and then alternating back to baseball, soccer seasons, etc., he finally decided after his sophomore year in high school that he needed to dedicate himself to one sport and felt like he had the best opportunity with boxing.
     Choosing boxing turned out to be a wise choice for Mike, after having his first amateur boxing match he went on to accumulate an impressive record and amateur career. His amateur career included a record of 51-10, 7 St. Louis Golden Gloves titles, Springfield Golden Gloves title, Missouri state championship, Gateway Classics and Mayor’s cup championship while achieving the “outstanding boxer” award in 4 of these tournaments. One of his most impressive amateur accomplishments was making St. Louis boxing history by becoming the only boxer to win the Golden Gloves in 2 divisions in the same year/tournament and also winning the “outstanding boxer” award for both those divisions. Mike went on to achieve many goals as a professional boxer as well. He compiled a record of 19-7-1 while winning a North American title.


      51-10 amateur record

      7 time St. Louis Golden Gloves champion

      Springfield Golden Gloves champion

      Missouri state champion

      Gateway classic champion

      Mayor’s cup champion

      4 time Outstanding Boxer of the Tournament

      Made St. Louis history by becoming the only boxer to win the Golden Gloves in 2 divisions in the same
      year/same tournament and also winning the outstanding
      boxer award for both division

      19-7-1 professional record

      North American Light heavyweight championship

      Televised boxing matches (FSN, Spanish station, cable access)

      Televised and newspaper interviews/ articles

     After calling a halt to his career at an early age, Mike decided to go down another route of  boxing where he is now a boxing coach and has a team training out of Eagle gym in Overland, Missouri and his church (Have Bible Will Travel) where he has a boxing/exercise ministry. Mike loves working with the kids and adults reaching their goals with boxing whether it’s pursing a career in boxing, an MMA fighter wanting to work on their hands, or just a male or female trying to better their health and lose some weight.